Top 7 Countries With No Taxes


Due to the privacy and tax security offered by individual countries, tax havens offer super-wealthy individuals a great opportunity to keep their money in offshore accounts for tax avoidance and other purposes.

These countries offer prospective individuals significant benefits and financially robust opportunities. The most attractive prospect is the fact that they allow people to avoid some potentially astronomical income taxes in their native countries.

What is a tax haven? 

A tax haven is a country that offers a reduced, or if you are lucky, no tax liability. Tax havens also share limited or no financial information with foreign tax authorities. Tax havens do not typically require residency or business presence for individuals and businesses to benefit from their tax policies.

Over the years, many countries have become more attractive to ultra-wealthy individuals as they offer a more relaxed taxation system.

Here are some of the world’s top tax haven countries in the world: 

  1. Switzerland

Along with being one of the popular tourist destinations, Switzerland is also known for the robustness and success of its financial institutions. The country is known for its constant reliability regarding off-shore tax shelters and is the go-to spot for wealthy Europeans as well as international clientele. Switzerland’s banking services have been recognised by the law as a sort of economic specialisation. 

  1. Panama

Panama has a territorial tax system – wherein the income earned within the country is taxed, but exempts income earned elsewhere. A firm based in Panama can have assets anywhere in the world. The legislation also safeguards Panama enterprises’ privacy, so you may be assured that your business interactions and financial statements will be kept secret and discreet in Panama. These rules protect your financial investments in Panamanian corporations.

  1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a small European nation, is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, largely thanks to its financial sector, which makes up more than 35% of its GDP.Luxembourg’s tax-haven status stems from its business-friendly policies, which allow international corporations to exploit tax loopholes. A wealthy corporation or individual can take heart with investing in the tax haven of Luxembourg, as it is one of the leading financial institutions in Europe.

  1. The Cayman Islands

Perhaps the most efficient tax haven in the world, the Cayman Islands have a solid international reputation for providing a comprehensive range of financial services to a wide spectrum of clientele. 

  1. Bermuda

Another beautiful island spot turns out to be one of the more expensive countries to call home. Bermuda has a 0% tax rate and no income tax whatsoever for investors and those looking off-shore. This makes it another perfect prospect for the world’s wealth. One such company, Nike, in particular, made millions from not paying America’s tax rate. Nearly a quarter of Fortune 500 companies are involved in some way or another with Bermuda as a tax haven.

  1. The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is known as one of the world’s top tax-havens. It is being said that the island holds more than 5,000 times the value of what its economy should hold.

  1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most consistently popular tax havens for Fortune 500 companies in particular. Whereas about a quarter of these companies use Bermuda, well over half of the Fortune 500 use the Netherlands as a tax haven. Like Bermuda, the company Nike has also managed to set up an account as well as avoiding paying Dutch taxes overall through a subsidiary they set up. Although not as openly tax-free as other tax havens, the Netherlands offers a substantially lower tax rate than other European countries.


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